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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Twice as good

 My Christmas stitching is coming along well, I love Santa, but my snowman has evil eyes, not sure about the French knots for his eyes, I think I will have to do them again. There are loads of shades in here which all adds to the design, next I am going to stitch the Christmas tree for the other end, but, you know me, I have planned changes.
 Yesterday afternoon, I was up for a challenge, so I got Tree of Life out, been a bit naughty with this one, I had a few hours on my own in good light, which for this project is perfect.
 I have done more on the branches and also on the ground on the left, I am now working on the ground and would like to have it all done, the shades in here are amazing and really do make the whole. Loads of counting, hence best to do whilst I am on my own. I have a few days before the next part of Sweet Flowers is released.
Angela my friend popped in to see me yesterday afternoon, we chatted for ages, caught up with all the family news, it was great. Today I am popping to see Chris, my neighbour to catch up, we have a couple of "strange" neighbours, so we have a giggle about them.

Later I want to stitch, but I am working on a project on my computer, it is very time consuming, I am now reading text, checking grammar and spelling, I have already fixed photo's and layout's. Once the grammar is done, I will check the whole look and it will be done. Then, I will have to do it all twice again.

I am walking to our local post office this morning, it will be great to get out for a while,


  1. Santa is cuddly! I generally use black seed beads for eyes if i am not framing a piece as they stand out better and i am not a fan of doing french knots.

  2. Lovely stitching and sounds like a great visit

  3. I didn't see evilness in your snowman . . he just looks a little ornery.

    DId you use variegated thread for the word, or did you change thread?



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