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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Another new start

 I have started Love is Patient, a Janlynn kit, worked on cotton using running stitches with some cross stitch and french knots. I have not placed it in a frame, I prefer to hold the fabric when doing embroidery.
 Today we have been working in the garden, it was looking really poor, with all the rain and now the hot weather, our garden is far from it's best, our tree is in bloom again, and soon will be full of flowers.
 These are from our front garden, loads of colour in the corner. 

 A couple of the better looking pots, I have been very selective on what you see today.
 I love this mug mat, as a coffee drinker, I thought it suited me well.
We have been following the sport on the TV, it's the last full day for medals, we got another Gold and Bronze from water sports this morning, and more chances later tonight. I am looking forward to the closing ceremony tomorrow evening, we have not been to see anything live, but the sights shown on the TV, has show cased Great Briton, even our weather behaved, and our placing in the medal tables, exceeding all expectations. Well it's great to be British at the moment.

Tomorrow Kev is playing golf in the morning, I do not have anything planned as yet. It's going to be the sort of day when things just happen, and a BBQ later.

Next week is busy I'm back in hospital for another operation, that's on Wednesday and then home to recover, which will mean loads of stitching.


  1. Congrats on the new start. You know, I have worked in hand so long I don't think I could work with q snaps or a hoop now. I have threatened to buy q snaps though. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

  2. What operation>|? Don't leave us hanging up in the air . . . lolol

    I used to LOVE embroidery . . it was a soothing passion.

  3. Exciting new start, it looks a lovely design.
    Hope all goes well at the hospital for you, you will be in my thoughts.
    Our garden looks very sorry for itself this year, not 1 pear on my tree, very disappointing.



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