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Thursday 14 June 2012

Yep stitching

 I have finally done a bit more stitching, I just have the lacy top to do, I did enjoy the flowers, I love the colour, I've added the green again. Below is the 1st lacy panel I did on the right hand side, just to show you.
It's not alot of stitching, with all the rain we are having the light is so poor for stitching, I do have a good lamp, but after work with tired eyes, it's not so great.
 Today was sunny for a very short while, so I had a quick pop into the garden, and I found this perfect flower, I planted a couple last year. Such perfect tiny flowers, nature is beautiful, shame we are not having a summer we can spend in our garden.
I am spending loads of time on my ipad, playing "Draw Some" with friends, it's quiet addictive, I have also been preparing my CV, I think it's time to look for a new job, work is very busy and I prefer to be working hard than have nothing to do, but the person I work with is getting more and more controlling and vocal, not just to me, and well it gets to me and I come home feeling weary, when in fact I should be full of life. I'm now well and ready for a new challenge, jobs are hard to get, but I can still look. I always think there is work for those who want to work hard.


  1. Sweet Flowers is so pretty, it's nice to watch it growing.
    I hope your job search goes well!

    the flower is beautiful - Mother Nature is very clever.

  2. Wishing you well in your search for a new job.
    Way too much rain recently, your lovely flower is pretty, allium I think it's called?
    Beautiful design for your stitching, so delicate.

  3. great progress :) I know about trying to find a job ... I need to find one myself!



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