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Saturday 9 June 2012

Saturday catch up

 Sweet Flowers
Above is my progress on Tuesday evening, after another day of bank holiday rain, 
I managed to get alot done in the afternoon.
 This as of last night, it's growing very nicely, after these flowers I have the grey lace top to match the other side. Then wait for the rest of the patterns to be released, there are loads of flowers in a wide top band.
 When my sister was last with us, we placed an order from USA supplier, which has arrived, these are hers and I don't think I would want to stitch any of them, strange how different our taste are.
 I did get this Ink Circles design, I have stitched one other, I love the balance and the colours of this.
We have had rain and very high winds this week, I have lost one of my small green houses again!, so we have purchased another stronger one, but it has to be sent to us, so not sure when we will get it. Every thing in our gardens are looking so lush, the rain has helped, but we are still in drought, I am really fed up with wearing boots and a coat every where, this is summer.

Working only 3 days was great, very busy as per normal, but at least we get the work done. We are not planning anything this weekend, was far to busy last weekend, tomorrow we hope to see Josh and Sammy, they have been in Manchester this week, with Grandma,with loads to do in the rain.

The fore caste is for more rain, so I can see loads of stitching and blog time.


  1. Nice stash,I think our own tastes change over time, mine certainly have. Lots of progress during this wet spell, although we have had a dry day today, the first for over a week, my wellies took a day off!

  2. lovely stitching :D glad we have so many different patterns to choose from so we don't have to pick exactly the same ones as anyone else.



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