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Saturday 30 June 2012

Family weekend

 More on Patchwork sampler, not done so much this week, 
been busy, 
but hope to stitch tonight for a while
 Dice for my car, I hate furry dice, but love these, got them on Amazon, and they match the colour of the car., I really am enjoying all the union jack things around. All the cars are covered in dust, so tomorrow I will hand wash my baby car, so if we have more rain it's my fault.
 The tubs at the side of our house are looking good, 
we now require some sunshine to make them grow.
 Today we had Josh, who was playing games on my ipad, this one is called  flow free, he quickly got up to much higher levels, and went home and asked his mum to put it on her ipad. It also goes up to a level I like, it's free so if you have the iphone or ipad give it a go.
 Sammy preferred to play on the floor with toys, he loves this wooden train and loads of Bob the Builder toys, later we walked to the park at the end of our road and had loads of fun on every thing there.
This afternoon we went shopping, I got an nice dress in a size 12, also had my hair cut, hope to colour it tomorrow, to many grey hairs for my liking.

We are planning a roast beef dinner tomorrow, not had one for ages, if the weather is nice in the afternoon, we will go out in the car, no plans as yet to where we go, just having fun in the afternoon.


  1. Ich bin nach wie vor so begeistert von der Stickerei. Das wird wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Your patchwork sampler is really lovely and I do like your dice. Have a nice weekend. Hope your weather holds up. So far we've had very heavy thunderstorms but nothing like Thursday (never seen anything like it) and lots of sunshine in between.

  3. Your union jack dice are great. I once made some fluffy black dominoes for a friend who has a vintage car and wanted something a little different.



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