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Sunday 24 June 2012

All very English

 Patchwork sampler is moving forward, I have finished another two sections, I have a bit of filling to do, but this is the bottom right hand corner done, I have just over 2 pages to finish. I am stitching carefully, avoiding mistakes, I want to finish this I have so many great things to stitch, I am going to have to have a rota a with 4 projects and do one a week.
 I am loving all the retro look at the moment, I purchased my T shirt yesterday from Next, I love the shop, but their prices are often high.I had a good time shopping with Su.  And the frame below, I wanted to put Josh and Sammy in it, but it is not big enough, so I will have to find another photo.
 Yesterday day turned into a family day, my brother Martin visited and brought his daughter and grandson Riley, Fliss popped in with the boys, Sammy and Riley are the same size and played well together, in the photo below they look as if they are plotting some thing. Lots of laughter.
Today is sunny, I have spent the morning with Fliss, and soon I will sit and stitch, not had much time to myself, but I do love family weekends.


  1. Super colourful project, I do love seeing each update of this.

  2. Your project is looking great and I love your t-shirt!

  3. Ich liebe den Patchworksampler. Er wird wunderschön.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

    Ich bin nun Dein neuster Leser.



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