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Monday, 13 December 2010

The postman has been

Today I had a parcel from Denise
I knew it was coming
its almost as good as Christmas morning

I love your christmas card, so jolly and seasonal, it hangs with the others, I have not yet had many cards, which is a shame, I love Christmas cards, I know we use alot of card, but if we recycle them then it has to be worth it, and it helps keeps the postal workers in their jobs!! So lets keep up the tradition.

I love this tree on the front page, and the christmas ball on page 49, and the splendor of floral's, November mums is my birth flower. Denise loves the blue Santa, but I love Santa in red, I also love the bird on page18. I have subscribed to this magazine for next year, we can't purchase it here in our shops, so it will be sent direct to me.

There are also loads in this magazine I love, your American patterns are very different from our English ones, so such a simple gift to me is a pure delight, thank you Denise, and I do so hope you enjoy the one's I have sent to you.

I still have not done much stitching, my hands will not allow me to do much, but I finish my radiotherapy on Thursday, and then is just getting myself back together again.

With Christmas so close, I have wrapped all the presents and finished all the main shopping. I have two presents to finish this week, I have also to royal ice my christmas cake and then that's it. I sure there are things I could do, but this year it's about family and not perfection.

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  1. Yippee! You got them! So glad you like! Enjoy! Now, if my mailman would get it together and delivery my things. I think the mailman is mad at me this year --- too many boxes!

    Marlene - you are so welcome.
    Talk soon - Denise



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