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Monday 6 December 2010

1,2, Tree

We had a busy weekend, Kev spent Sunday in the garden picking up the fallen leaves from our tree and I decorated our Christmas tree. We do have lights for the tree in the garden but Kev will put them up next weekend. I am left on my own to dress the tree and house.

We also went with Josh to see Father Christmas, who was the jolliest person we have ever met, Josh was shy but remembered to tell him he wanted a camera, a real one. Sam slept all the way through.

This is the first year for us to have this tree, it's bigger than our other tree, but I have so many baubles to go on it, the angel on the top is years old. I do not have tinsel I use strings of beads. Our house is full of festive candles, which I love.

Below is the ornaments form this years swap, they look good on my tree.

I did start to wrap some presents, but Fliss, Josh and Sam popped in, so I shall have to finish them this week. All our cards are in the post, so we are progressing well. I have a few presents to get, and have planed a day shopping with Fliss on Thursday. The main bulk of the food shopping is done, our cupboards are full.

I have two presents to finish, and I want to print Kev's card today, so all in all I feel good, I have not made every thing I was going to, and still I have not done any cross stitch!

All our snow has gone, it rained most of Saturday and it all went then, it's a nice way of getting rid of the snow, all clean and no slush. It is still very cold here -3 in the car a short while ago.


  1. Oh, the snow is all gone. Maybe Josh can hope for more snow closer to the holiday! ;0)

    Your tree is so beautiful. I see puddings, candles, and bulbs. The ornie exhange is cool - way beyond me. And the blue tree ornie below that - oh, I like it!

    Glad to hear you are up and going. Feeling better I hope!
    Take care - Denise

  2. Your tree and ornaments look wonderful. We've just bought ours!



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