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Thursday 2 December 2010

Late to the party

Last night the snow arrived, our garden looks just great, all our bird feeders are full with loads of different treats, we are snug and warm inside.

Most of the country is snow bound, we are lucky, here along the south coast and normally miss most of the snow.
Our street looks magical, shame it's three weeks early, would have been perfect for Christmas, the weather forecaste is for it to get warmer over the weekend, so I expect most of it to be gone.

Family are all well, Sammy is growing each time I see him.

I have just had my 6th session of radiotherapthy and I am feeling OK, just another 8 to go. Still not done much craft, but I am looking for something to stitch, and I must start wrapping my christmas pressies.


  1. Glad you posted! After reading blogs - I was going to email you to see how the snow went at your home! It is beautiful! Too bad about the warm up though. Josh is enjoying it I bet!

    Good luck with your wrapping. Finished mine this morning. Now to make cookies - my butt doesn't need cookies - but the guys insist!

    Smiles -

  2. Snow looks wonderful as it does here - we have huge icicles at the moment. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Beautiful photos. I live on the coast so we don't often have snow falls like that. We usually just get the slush effect.!!



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