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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Party time

Today is a very good day
I have had my last major hospital treatment

No more early morning visit's to our local hospital
just time to recover and gain my strength
as I said in October more people are living after cancer
I have the most wonderful family, friends who support me.

On another note, the snow has returned in the north
It should hit the south by the weekend
I saw this joke below and thought it most appropriate

We are in full swing towards Christmas, it's going to be a fun time this year, and I am not bothered if the tree is wonky, if any part of the dinner is not perfect, I don't even care if there are no presents under the tree for me ( but there are 3 there already)

I am fed up with the magazines showing the most perfect setting for Christmas, why does every thing now have to be so spot on, when did it change? all the TV chef's showing how to recreate their perfect food, all that matters in this house is all the family are happy and having fun.


  1. No more treatments - no more treatments! Woohoo! Best present of all!

    You know, I've tried that perfect holiday thing and it never meets my expectations. I'm whole heartedly in agreement with you - perfect is for the birds. Here's to our wonky trees, late dinner, and lots of people you love surrounding you!

    Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. I am so pleased that you have finished your treatment Marlene - that really is something to celebrate. You are so right in what you say - that should be published. I have stressed over my wonky tree and then gave up - after a couple glasses of wine it will look straight!!!



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