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Thursday 4 November 2010

I need to cross stitch

No cross stitching
makes Marlene a grumpy lady
I have been slowly doing things this week, I have done some work on my dolls house, moved the shelves in my office, they were far to high, and yesterday I tidied the decking in the back garden, all good task to get finished. I also had the plumber in and now have all my radiators working, we are having our boiler serviced next Tuesday and the cavity wall insulation topped up later this month, so the house should be much warmer for us.

I have not finished Samuel's cardi, I hate sewing up and knitting the button bands, but that is my task this morning.

Then this afternoon coffee pot on, nice shortbread and cross stitch, all afternoon, just the thought of it puts a smile on my face!!

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  1. Love the picture Marlene!! Hope you managed to get some cross stitch done?!



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