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Friday, 12 November 2010

A tourist in London

I am feeling alot better again today, just so very tired, I do not have any energy, which is so unlike me. I have no creative urges, I have not done any craft for a couple of days.
Our weather is so up and down, either heavy rain or sunshine with more rainy days, which does not help me.

After my quiet birthday with my family, it got me thinking about the trip Kev took me on last year, I was unable to show you then we had no internet access at the time, so here one year late is the fantastic birthday trip we had together.

We took the train to London, a nice treat no driving and we were able to watch our beautiful green and lush countryside roll by, it was a sunny crisp day.

We boarded a river cruiser for a trip and our lunch.

We sat inside but had the following views of London,
our lunch with champagne was fantastic.

The views

Tower bridge

Houses of Parliament

London Eye

The pods are a good size, I am a bit scared of heights, but I did feel comfortable in here,
This is near the start.

Looking towards the city

Just past the top looking down on the pod before us

We did not do any shopping on the day, it was fun to be a tourist in the city,if you can well worth doing both things, our train journey home was good, it was dark for most of the trip, which is fun as you go past houses and shops with lights on showing a glimpse of their lives. Kev had no reason for the trip last year, it was not a major birthday just something he wanted to do. We spent the other evening looking at the photo's remembering a good day.

We are planning a family weekend, with both our daughters popping in, Kev will be on the golf course on Sunday morning, I plan to cook a Sunday roast, not done that in ages, if it is nice we will go out in the afternoon, a drive and a short walk. I hope you all have a good weekend.Align Centre

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  1. I so need to come to the UK and visit! The trip looked like a great time. Sometimes the men in our lives have good ideas!



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