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Friday, 27 August 2010


I am not sure if this is allowed, I am not allowed to show the wedding dress to any one, but I'm sure I can show you bits of it. the silk looks very pale in these photo's, it is champagne in colour.

Su has a shrug, in case she is feeling cool at any point.

This sad looking garter, was first worn by me at my wedding and when Fliss got married to Steve, she used it, and now it's Su's turn. It supplies the following from the rhyme,
Something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue

I have had time to stitch, but spent most of my time unpicking, you can see a dirty square in the middle of my work, I do like the pattern I was stitching, but felt it would be too dark, so I have removed it. Look at my last post to see what I had stitched. At this point I can't decide the last pattern.
Yesterday, Su, Fliss Josh and I went out for lunch, we don't often have lunch together, so it was fun, we enjoyed pasta, salads and pizza, with loads of chatting and giggles.

This morning Josh is coming over for a couple of hours, he is bringing Woody and Buzz, so we should have fun, this afternoon we have to pop to the hotel to ensure the tables are done correctly. This evening Su will be home, she has already booked a chicken pasta for tea,

The weather forecaste is good, in as much as there is no rain promised, family members are traveling to Fareham today, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone, most will pop in tonight to say hello.

On Sunday we are having an open house and BBQ, we will be able to catch up with everyone, share photo's and ensure everyone eats before their journeys home.


  1. Oooh pretty, pretty dress. I hope you'll post a wedding photo after the big day so we can see the dress in its entirety. I hope the big day goes well for everyone.

  2. Ooh the snippets of the dress look gorgous - really looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Good luck on the day - I am sure everything will be wonderful. Enjoy.

  3. The dress looks very pretty.
    I love your cushion
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. The dress looks pretty! Hope the big day goes well.



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