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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A sunny evening

Its after 7pm here, I'm sat in my office looking out at the last of the days sunshine dancing on the roofs of the houses at the bottom of my garden. My daffodils are still looking bright from here, I am enjoying the last of their show, when I get closer I can see they are starting to fade. I have planted the hardier of my seeds, I have lots of exciting seeds waiting for the better weather to come, so I can plant them for a colourful show in the summer.

This week I have enjoyed a good book, The Other Boyeln Girl it is set in Henry 8th reign, I so love all about the king and have read various books. this one was passed to me by a friend, I so enjoyed reading it, even though I knew the end.

I have started The Boyeln Inheritance, in hope it is as good, it's by the same author Phillipa Gregory. I will let you know how I get on.

I have also cut out a shift dress pattern, I will sew it on Saturday, it's for my daughter Su and is in the most beautiful purple cotton.
Very 70's

The last thing for me to show you is a favorite picture, I have for many years collected silly cow's, pictures, models and soft toys, below is one of my favorite picture, I hope you like it.

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