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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Here's some I made earlier

What an amazing weekend, I had Friday off and spent most of the day with Joshy and Fliss, we had coffee out, Joshy showed us how great he was on the slide.
Back at home Joshy helped Grancha put together his new bike, only two wheels and with stabilizers. With cries of "I can do it" Joshy wobbled up and down our garden path.
Later daddy took Joshy to town and Fliss and I went to Hobbycraft., I think Grancha had an afternoon nap.
Saturday I spent most of the afternoon stitching.
Today Sunday I spent the morning with Su, she has tried on her dress it fits great, so later I will finish it for her.

I have posted some patchwork I have stitched the top two came from patterns from an American magazine. I have not done anything with these, I did think whilst stitching I could put them in a card, but they sit in my box waiting for inspiration.

The pattern below I created, its done over 32hpi aider, with one strand of DMC cotton. I have made it to look like a patchwork cover for a single bed in my dolls house. It was much easier to stitch rather than try to make a real patchwork with tiny pieces of fabric. the pattern is simple a repeat using 15 holes squared. It looks good on the bed.

As for the project I am stitching now, I look what has been done so far, it's on 32hpi, using a single strand, but I can not decide how to stitch each corner, I have thought of using very pale blue and pink to infill, but then I think it might be good to have more rows of colour as in the middle section. Come on what do you think

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  1. Lovely colourful post mum, I love your cross stitch patchwork, it was fun on friday, got about two hours before picking joshy up, might try and squish in some more crochet!!



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