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Sunday, 10 November 2019


 Hubby purchased these for my birthday gift, he asked me if there was anything I would like, I had been looking at these long thin rods for a while, I love the shades on the blues and translucent, and another pack with mixed colours in. They are small and should soften in the kiln, the blue circle's should be a great base for these. 
I have been playing, I do like using the circle cut glass as a base, this is sunset over poppy fields. I class this as a success, only point, a couple of the rods slipped and came over the edge of the shape, they are very hard to file back, I still have a bit more to do. This was made with a clear top and white base circle, and cooked for 10 mins, plus 2 mins. 
This should be holly and made to look like a bauble, it does look better from a distance, I hope to make another, but will try red glass seed beads for the berries. This was made just using the base with the decoration on top, cooked for 8 mins plus 2 mins. I now know how to bend these rods to look more natural. 
This was also a birthday gift from hubby, he knows I love these, I won't plant for a couple of weeks, I love to see these bloom after Christmas, when every where feels much duller. 
I did ask for no birthday gifts this year, there is so little I want, I knew hubby would ignore me, but was very pleased when he asked me what he should get, the glass bits are just perfect for me to play and create pretty glass. I have had fun this week, and have a few more ideas in my head, I do love the sea and I'm hoping to create a few scenes. The bulb was his surprise to me.
Saturday we popped to see Will, mummy and daddy at home, we took happy cake, which Will loved, which is birthday cake to the rest of us, I had not planned for a cake, but Will kept asking.
I also soaked the fruit of the 1st Christmas cake, using the zest and juice of 2 large oranges and 1 lemon, I have used this recipe for years, so the house smells of citrus.
Last night we went out for a meal, it was a gift from youngest daughter, for both our birthdays (hubbys in September), we don't often go out in the evenings, but it was fun. We ate early and was home by 9pm, and watched Strickly.
Today we have nothing planned, I have a book I've started reading and a few craft things to finish, plus I need to sort more yarn, I am happily ticking things off my 'to make list', I do need a couple days of my sewing machine out.
The Christmas cake is going in the oven today and I will soak the fruit for the 2nd cake, which will be cooked tomorrow.
The pressing thing I need to make is my Christmas cards, I have everything I need, so it's just a case of designing and putting them together, luckly we don't send so many, and I don't have a huge pile to make.


  1. What thoughtful gifts from hubby, and the 2 glass makes are really beautiful, well done Marlene. Happy belated birthday.

  2. Those circles are lovely especially the 'holly bauble'.

  3. What a lovely birthday gift! Your glass making is really coming along and I've enjoyed reading your posts about it. We have Norman here for a long weekend so we are getting out and about. Best, Jane x

  4. You are doing really well with your glass work, I'm loving the baubles. Happy birthday.

  5. What a wonderful husband you have, so kind and thoughtful.
    I too love Amaryllis - they flower when nothing else does and look spectacular when planted en masse.

  6. You really are making some wonderful things with the glasswork, the poppy one is beautiful.

  7. They are nice gifts from your husband.
    Happy belated birthday wishes.

    All the best Jan



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