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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Reading time

Reading time here, this was a huge book 511 pages, but not the best read, set in ireland just a couple of years ago, but it felt almost American and more 60's, but maybe that's just me. I also thought this was 2 books put together as one, not sure I would look for another of her books to read.
 But this is great, enough clues to keep you wanting to read more, I do like Peter Robinson, he writes a good interesting story. This is my 47th book read this year. 
 Ouch, burnt my hand and leg in an accident at home this week, I knocked a pot of just cooked soup over myself, could not get my skinny jeans off fast enough.
I sat with my hand in cold water for an hour, the blisters at the finger tips went down, but I still have a few more on my fingers and the back of my hand. I did this on Monday when Will was here, it was so very hard not to scream out, I'm not sure what Will thought as Grancha striped off my clothes in the kitchen. I have burns on my legs, they are sore, but no broken skin and just one blister. So I am sore, it was bloody painful, I am hoping I can put on some trousers to walk to our libary, I have run out of books to read.
Hubby got some burn cream from our local chemist, I see no point going to A&E, as I can treat myself at home, with no broken skin I should heal well. 
No crafting, I can't hold anything, no gardening same reason, on the plus no housework or cooking. 
I have finished editing my 2018 book, I have read through it again and I'm happy, so just waiting until next month when I can get the best discount. 
So back to reading. 


  1. Ouch! that looks sore. Hope you feel better soon

  2. Oh dear that is so painful. I think you probably should have gone to A&E, the trouble is I appreciate why you don't want to go it's always such a long wait. Hope it all heals soon. xx

    1. You are right, but I needed to keep my hand in the cold water, and later when I could see no broken skin I was happy to use burn cream frm the chemist.

  3. Ouch, those burns sound very painful. I hope you heal up really quickly. In the meantime, take advantage of your enforced "holiday" and put your feet up and continue reading. I am sure someone could get more books for you from the library. Take care, Margaret

  4. That looks so sore, it must be very painful. I hope the sting goes out of it soon. I'm really back into my reading again at the moment but my crafting is taking a back seat.

  5. Sorry to hear about your accident, I remember from school days when doing cooking lessons someone left a pan handle sticking out and another person caught it on their apron, and myself and another ended up burnt and blistered. Hope you heal well.
    I really want to start reading more, I never seem to find time but am going to start making time.

  6. Recently had a good accident in our house when my husband copped a dish of chicken on his shoulder. Brave at first but eventually the nurse at the surgery down the road had to dress it using up every sterile dressing in her cupboard! It's now a family legend and I am forbidden to carry hot dishes to the table.

  7. Oh, that looks terrible. Hope it heals quickly.

  8. Oh I missed this yesterday Marlene, how scary for you when you had Will there. I burnt the whole palm of my right hand when I was a child and still remember how painful it was, so being your leg as well it must be agony. Hope you feel better real soon.

  9. Goodness, I could feel it just reading about it. I've had my fair share of burns in the kitchen, but not such a large quantity at once. I bet it hurt!! If you have any fresh aloe vera, you should apply the gel. It's magic at soothing pain caused by inflammation. I hope you get better soon. Also, what a great reader you are at 47 books!

  10. Oh, that looks so painful! Hoping it's less so, today. I love reading too, but I'm nowhere near 47 books this year. Hope you manage to get some more library books while you're incapacitated:)



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