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Saturday, 3 August 2019

In the garden

I was so pleased to see this fellow fast asleep at the back our our garden, it's cooler down by my shed a perfect spot to sleep. He is gone today, but I love to see hedgehogs in the garden. 
 I dug out the gooseberry pot, and put the kiwi plant in it's place, adding some height to this area. I don't expect to grow kiwi's to a stage where they will ripen for eating. I just hope I can get blossom, which is beautiful. 
 I kept the green gooseberry, it's been cut right back and will stay in this bag in my trolley until the tomatoes are over, so I can use the big black pot. It's the pot my Olive tree came in, so it's strong and huge, I have not yet decided the final place for this plant. 
 I am getting harvest every other day, the blackberries are just starting, my early blueberries are almost finished and the lates are just starting. I am picking tomatoes and cucumbers, but I don't think the cucumber plant will give me many more, the leaves are going yellow. 
 I popped to the library on Wednesday, got 3 books, this one was always going to be my 1st read, I loved behind her eyes. Another really good read, I enjoyed every page, the story line was different and interesting. 
I have not done any craft, the garden needed attention, and is now looking good again, most evenings I sat and read or watched TV, catching up on recorded programmes, I still don't feel completely over all the bugs.
We have been stocking our cupboards and freezer again, we have visitors this Sunday and next Saturday, so many shops have special prices it a good time to shop.
I have ordered 10 copper rings for my garden, these should stop slugs and snails from eating my tender small plants, I have lost so many plants this summer. Our hedgehog was back in the garden last night, he leaves his calling card on the lawn.
Purdy went to the vets this week after fighting in our garden, she had cut her ear, it was deep and we were concerned, she went back last night and is on the mend. Sadly the huge cat was again in our garden and Purdy was protecting her area, this time she was unhurt. We are looking at ways to stop the cat coming into our back garden, our new neighbour is away, so her 3 dogs are not at home, I am hoping once they are back, they might keep cats away from our garden.


  1. It's a problem when cats are coming into your garden and terrorising your own cat, hard to know what to do to deter it, I'm glad that Purdy is on the mend though. Awww, cute little hedgehog. They say their numbers are decreasing but we get quite a few around here, we often see them when taking Archie out for his last walk at night.

  2. I haven't seen any hedgehogs since I moved here six years ago but they used to be regular visitors at my previous home.

  3. Awww, that's so nice to see a hedgehog, nice photograph.

    All the best Jan

  4. How lovely to have a hedgehog visitor. Poor Purdy, hope the bully has been fended off for good.



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