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Wednesday 25 April 2018

New projects

I have completed the inner design
 We have a local charity shop, which has a great craft area, it's a short drive to get there, but always worth it. I try and pop in often, they has stuff for every craft. I purchased the fabric below last week, it's cut long and thin, and will make a couple of shopping bags, lined in black. It cost £2.25, so a nice price, but I have noticed the prices increasing in the shop, still good value, but someone now sees the value in what they are selling. I am thinking of stitching colour into the fruits, just one small bust of colour, in French knots. 
 Well I have everything I need to make my 1st pair of socks, thanks to Jo, for her help and inspiration, I am following her advice and using this pattern from Warwick Mum's blog. I have googled sock sizes, read loads and now I feel ready to knit. 
Postman just knocked my door
 What a lovely surprise, I helped a friend of hubbies and used my sewing machine to sew 7 badges onto a leather waist coat, took less than an hour and I was happy to help. This is his thank you. 
So once again loads of crafts to do, it's exciting to start something completely new to me, every time I mention knitting socks to hubby, he gives me the strangest of looks.
I have been asked to make a mixture of bags, my sister is starting a new craft business, and is looking for local crafters to buy stock from, she will have any sewing I want to make, and she loves the different bags I make.
Yesterday afternoon was another rainy day, and the fore caste is wet for the rest of the week, I know it's April and we should expect showers, but really!
Our lawn was again pink with Magnolia petals this morning. Again I have a head cold and cough, I can't blame Will this time, it's so hard to decide each morning what the afternoon is going to be like and dress accordingly. Nothing to do in the garden, I am itching to plant things, but it's far too early, so I am going to spend the day at Will's house, mummy will pick me up after Will has finished his swimming class.


  1. I can't wait to see how you get on with your sock knitting. I found it quite daunting at first but it really is easy once you get going and work out what you're doing so don't give up. I'm quite happy with dpns but I know some people can't get used to them but there's other options with a short circular needle or magic loop. What a lovely surprise to receive flowers through the post, I love the colours, they'll be beautiful once they open out.

  2. Can't wait to see progress on your socks, they are going to be very cosy with that yarn.
    The flowers were a very thoughtful gift, always nice to receive something in the post.
    Hope you feel better soon

  3. That is great, to have an outlet for your wares is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the socks. I really do need a kick up the bottom to get started on my materials.

  4. How wonderful to get a delivery of flowers, how thoughtful of him.

  5. I love the idea of a burst of color with those french knots! What a nice thank you you got there!

  6. I hope you enjoy sock knitting, it does become addictive though.
    What a lovely thank you gift.

  7. I think filling in the fruits with french knots sounds a lovely idea! I also love the bouquet of flowers you received, that's such a thoughtful way to say thankyou. Meg:)

  8. Wow, beautiful. I can hardly wait for you to finish.

    God bless.



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