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Friday 31 March 2017

March gone - here comes April

What a different a month can make to my stash spend.
 A couple of big purchases, potting bench and window opener for greenhouse and fabric for cross stitching, so now I've overspent by £5.67. Each thing was needed, and will be lovingly used. No requirements for any more big spends. 
Another month is done, and a quarter of 2017 has gone, how quick did that pass, and what have we done in the time.
At work we all spend our time wishing the day away and the week so we can have the two day weekend with our families. We are now entering into Summer time, which for a heating based company is our quiet time, so not enough work to go around, there are a couple of roles in different departments looking for staff, so I have put my name forward, maybe a new challenge would be good for me.
At home we find ways of slowing our time so we can enjoy the most of the time together. Avoiding the rush of going to town or any other shopping outlets. Our garden, my passion is the most loved place, either I am working in it, pottering most of the time, or if it's cold or wet, I sit inside and look at it.
Family, with baby Will adding to the number of grand sons, we love to see them all growing up, with visits from our Somerset boys, we love our home to ring with the sounds of them playing. Our children are a joy to both of us, watching the adults they have become and enjoying them as parents.
I am counting in another way, I am on the countdown to my retirement, I still have about 3 years to go, but as the time passes so quickly, we are making plans, once my salary stops we are down to pensions, and whilst we won't be poor, we do need to ensure our plans work and our comfortable lifestyle stays as it is.
Our life is not perfect, some things and people we have no control over, but we do work to make the best of what we can, and learn to live without the uncontrollable things.


  1. Well the things you spent on were things that were needed and will be in constant use, so that's all good! Yes almost April already, just 2 full months left till OH retires. Enjoy your weekend Marlene.

  2. We are the same age as I have three years until retirement, although I have to wait another six years until I get my state pension. It is lovely when you have time just to do the things that you love, rather than having to do them for someone else's benefit. It will be good to have more time when we retire xxx

  3. I think you've done well with your spending to say you've had two big purchases this month. I can't believe where this year's going, it's flying by just as fast as the last few have. I don't mind the winter going by quickly but I do wish the time would slow down now some better weather's here.

  4. I shouldn't worry about your spend...it's teeny!...... you should see how much we've spent this month after moving!! Thank heavens for Col's work pension lump sum!

  5. Don't worry about the over-spend. Just remind yourself you needed to overspend, and remember prices do go up in the shops too.

    Julie xxxxxxx



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