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Wednesday 22 March 2017


This red shopper is finished
 Useful large front pockets
 Plenty of room inside
sorry about the blurr
 I'm pleased it looks a well balanced bag, with plenty of space.
 More cross stitch, I'm trying to do the huge blocks of colour
I loved this book, it told the story of 5 generations of the same family
 I love the Orchid flower, so interesting
My work mate loved the bag, after work she took it for a test run, a bit of supermarket shopping and it passed. I am pleased with the design, it all worked well, I did like the large size of the bag, it balanced with the longer straps. I have found another different bag on Pintrest to try, this one will be navy and green, it will be for me.
I have done alot on my cross stitching, I really want to get the big blocks of colour done, it's a badge from The Welsh Guards, hubby is an ex guard, I have promised to make him a cushion for ages. Most of the stitching is easy, I just have to be neat as any mistakes will show.
I enjoyed The House by Princess Park, it was set in Liverpool from the early 1900's, parts of the book was predictable, I'm not sure I would buy a book by the author, but I would try reading another.
I don't have much to say tonight, after work, I sat with hubby watching the news from London, the attack on Westminster, another sad day here in UK and Europe, why can't we all live together in peace. I grew up thinking we could stop war's and terror, sadly not the case.


  1. Your bag's fabulous, a good design and it looks good too. The terror attack is terrible, isn't it, a very sad day indeed.

  2. I was only thinking the other day I hadnt seen any cross stitch from you for a while, glad your needles are still busy

  3. About twenty years ago I cross-stitched a Royal Engineers Badge for a retirement present for my dad. They are lovely to stitch. Lovely bag. Certainly a sad day.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. The bag is glorious, a blaze of colour. I haven't sewn anything for ages but feel a session coming on. I need more project bags for the knitting,and a quilt back.

  5. So sad the news from our capital.
    The bag looks super, the cross stitch equally as nice.

  6. Glad the bag passed the "usage" test :)



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