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Sunday 12 March 2017


 I have done more cross stitching, 
trying to keep on top of the huge blocks of colour
My workmate does not have a nice shopping bag, when she uses mine she loves them. So this bag is for her. I have not told her I am making it, I just asked her Red or Navy, as I had both colours in my stash. 
 I love a large front pocket but adding a second pocket, great for mobile phone.
Again the fabric was in my stash.
 Totally my design, I have made each handle in two long pieces
And pinned one to the outside and inside overlaping.
When I stitch them together the body of the bag is running through them
 Later I will sew these two sets of handles together.
I will make a couple of side gussets, machine sew the outside and hand stitch the inside, so no rough edges are seen. This is totally my own design, and I might have to make another for me.
 On a mission to stop spending so much on books
our local library provided these for me to read. 
I ached last night after my time in the garden, it was good to get so much done, last night we shared a Chinese from our local take away, and we enjoyed watching a few missed TV programmes from last week.
I love Sunday mornings, I caught up with blogs and did a few things on my computer, after breakfast I had a lazy shower. Late morning we popped to see Will, mum and dad, they were all happy, arriving just in time to feed Will.
This afternoon, I have sorted a few things, popped to the greenhouse to water and check all is doing well. Then I planned the bag I wanted to make, I do not have the exact red thread to use for sewing it together, so I will get some tomorrow. I am very organic with my designs, I do not have a paper pattern, this is simple enough to not need one. The red is a heavy cotton, so it will hold the weight of the items placed inside.
So a pleasing weekend, tomorrow I am back to work, my week's holiday went so very quick, but I did manage to have loads of fun, did a bit of shopping for things we needed, and a great catch up lunch with a friend.
I am waiting for my new potting bench to arrive and some cross stitch fabric for future projects.


  1. It definitely looks as though you've got your cross stitch mojo back. I use our local library a lot, it saves on spending on books and they're disappearing these days so we owe it to ourselves to use them otherwise they'll all end up closing down.

  2. I love homemade, it's always more special and your bag will be great. Sounds like you've had a lovely day 🤗

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time relaxing and socialising. Have a good week.

  4. love your bags! Sandra Bolton is becoming a favourite of ours too from the library!

  5. Well done for using the library, I wish more people would make the effort instead of buying books, they really need to be supported.
    Nice bag for your friend.



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