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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Me, again !

Serious colour in this bloom
This spot looks nice, both pots have loads of flower, there is a second stem and bud on my Amaryllis, so even as the first couple of blooms are going over, there are loads more to come. 
 I love this spider plant, I hope to take the babies and grow into more plants.
 Around the house, my desk top still looking good.
The tulips are coming along, my hyacinth has height, now just waiting for the flowers. The cyclamen on my kitchen window sill has new flowers.
 Another book, I loved Behind closed doors.
The light in my photo's above is not fantastic, we woke to a dull day, everywhere is so grey, so I love to have so many plants and flowers in the house. My Valentine's day flower will be finished with tomorrow, they will stay for this evening.
I have no craft to show, I really am not in the right frame of mind to do anything, I have many issues with one family member who gives me so many negative messages, who I love dearly, and is always on my mind. I can't change the situation, everything I say is twisted against me, which sadden me to my core. Hence the reason I lose myself by reading so many books.
I think tomorrow, I might start a new cross stitch design, I have two to finish but can't find my motivation. I have about an hours work on the black cardi for Will, it will be done this weekend, I have already started knitting the blue cardi.
Last night we had tea with our lovely little family, I was able to feed Will for the 1st time, he is now taking a bottle, mum tried so very hard to feed him herself but he is a hungry baby, he is more alert and aware. Mum is recovering nicely from her surgery with the support of her loving husband.
Today we are going to pop to town, first time this month, not sure if we need much, just a couple of things to do.


  1. Books are a great way to escape your troubles, if only for a little while. I go through phases where I don't want to work on the crafts I've got on the go, starting something new might just renew your enthusiasm. Glad to hear that Will's doing well.

  2. So sorry to hear you are getting flack from a family member, it sounds like they are taking out their problems on you which isn't fair but often happens. Try to stay strong and keep saying to yourself that you are not responsible for their issues.

    I am making an effort to grow more indoor plants and have a baby spider plant that was being given away at work. So far I haven't managed to kill it :)

  3. Your Spider plant is lovely, I have one that's thriving and one that isn't so good. Lovely to hear how well Will is doing xx

  4. Glad to read Will is doing well.
    Such a shame you are having to endure negativity, I hope it passes for you,



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