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Monday 27 February 2017

February on the way out

Another month is almost over, my stash spend is so very low
I am feeling pleased with myself, to keep to the same amount as last year I have £70.89 to spend each month. The upside of no crafting is not spending.
 Begonia's for the chimney pot under our Magnolia tree
The white dahlia's for my new raised cut flower garden.
We did not spend much time in town on Saturday, I had to upgrade my phone, the screen was not responding most of the time, so I got a new deal for £2 per month less than the old tariff, with a 2 year warranty on the phone. I so hate shopping for phones and changing to a new phone, firstly I don't understand all the stuff surrounding phones these days and the new one's are normally very different from my old phone.
I also got a couple of pole supports for my raspberries, I have the beautiful supports my sister got me last year, but I think I will need more lower support.
I popped to a quilting fabric shop, but with loads of designs to choose from, I got no inspiration, I will go back again with daughter, the quilt will be for Will's cot, so she can decide on fabrics. We walked past all the other shops, there was nothing we wanted.
We saw Will, mummy and daddy for a couple of hours on Sunday, we would have liked to go for a walk, but it was damp outside. We also went for a meal in the evening, a Christmas present from daughter and SIL, we had a lovely time and would like to go back with all the family some time.
Today we popped to Lidl, spent £84.57, but got 6 bottle of wine, 7 lots of meat, 2 fish meals, rice, tin tomatoes x 4, 12 eggs and loads more. Wow it was a great shop and will keep us going for a couple of weeks.


  1. I spent over £80 at Lidl this week too. We'd run out of so many things as it was the end of the month. I did only get a few bits of meat and no alcohol, so I was a bit shocked that the bill was so high, but there were lots of fresh fruit & veg, nuts, dried fruit, etc. in there, so it's all good.

  2. Now I wondering were to put my begonias you have now given me an idea thanks, I have two chimney pots sitting there doing nothing.

  3. We had a bargain shop at Lidl too. Well done on your small spend this month

  4. You're doing well with your spending. Your Lidl shop sounds very good value with all the things you bought, they've just got planning permmission to build a Lidl here so I'm looking forward to that opening.



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