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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Cuddles with Will

Cuddles with Will
 Already he is changing, only 4 days old
William seams a big name for this little man, mummy and daddy have started calling him Will.
They are settling into family life, resting where they can, it always lovely to see another young family together.
We have had loads of cuddles, we went for tea tonight, it was a good deal, we cooked shepherds pie and took it with us, so we all had a good meal and catch up.
We have no plans to visit again before Friday, when we will take Thai Green curry.
Tomorrow Grandma and Grandpa are visiting with Chicken casserole, they get their catch up and cuddles.
My Lemon Meringue was lovely, we finished it tonight, it was tart, which is how we enjoy them, hubby has requested another for this weekend.
I have one band to finish on his black knitted cardi, which will be done by Friday, all the sewing up has been done (which I do hate), so I can then finish his blue cardi. He has more clothes than I have, but in various sizes, which will last him.
Not done much else, I finished reading Undertow by Sue Grafton, which I really enjoyed, I am popping to our local library on Saturday to get some more books.


  1. He's a little doll. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is doing so well. Enjoy all the cuddles. It seems like my grandson was that age yesterday. Now he is 11.

  2. Oh my he is just so sweet and adorable!

  3. Awww William is gorgeous, enjoy your time with him, they grow so quickly.

    I've knitted several little cardigans for my 2nd grandchild due in August but I am putting off sewing together, I enjoy the process of knitting but the putting together scares me, lol

  4. How did I miss the arrival of William, so cute and cuddly, I wish I had some-one to bring me dinners when I had mine, you are wonderful grandparents and parents

  5. Awww, there's something about newborns. I love babies at any age but there's something extra special when they're so young. Enjoy your cuddles.

  6. Congratulations on the new arrival in your family, he's gorgeous.



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