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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Stitchy update

 I've done some more on Patchwork sampler, now almost finished page 7, I am not stitching them in true order, the design is set to stitch the left hand side top to bottom, but I prefer to stitch the top row and work down.
 I have stitched the purple pattern as a complete balance, there were more letters here but I am not stitching them, I am happy not to have them, for me I do not see any relevance to having random letters and numbers,  once I have finished the next section, I will go back and do the circular design, I should be able to decide which shade of green to use.
 My Mere cats are back, they were protecting their pot again, or maybe just enjoying the one day of sun shine we had this week. And my peony below is getting ready to bloom.
We have a bank holiday here, so no work on Monday, I have been shopping for gardening items, because of the weather I am not planting any bedding plants, it's too cold and wet for them. But in hope of having a summer I have new solar lights, just to brighten the bottom of the garden. I have a couple new plastic green houses, my last one the neighbours cats trashed, by climbing over and using their claws, the windy weather did the rest. So Monday is planned for a busy day, Tomorrow, Sunday I am having a spa day with Su, loads of pampering and a nice lunch. Kev is off to the golf course.
I have also brought loads of bunting and flags for our garden, we have the Queen's jubilee in June, so a garden party/BBQ will be called for. Every thing red, white and blue.


  1. Your patchwork stitch is really interesting. Nice work. My peony buds look about like yours...a little early here this year I think.

    Enjoy your wonderful long weekend.


  2. We bought some reg geraniums, a flat of white impatients and a flat of mixe color impatients to plant this weekend. I am SO READY for summer color in our front flower beds and up our front steps. It always makes me smile when we come home and our flower beds looks so welcoming.

  3. Enjoy your pampering day. I think a lot of people will be visiting the garden centres with hopes of warmer weather in the coming weeks.

  4. Lovely progress on your stitching.
    Peony roses are one of my favourite flowers.



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