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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Photo heavy

Above progress on the Patchwork Sampler, but normal for me I am unhappy with the blue design, the pattern is very free hand, no repeats, which is strange, because every pattern on here repeats on it's self.
So below is my version, I took his first pattern and repeated it, added some infill, and I like it.
 I have filled in the gaps left by the removal of the panel, and I'm loving it, I have just over 3 pages to go, it has to be framed as Paula said it's far to nice to use as a cushion, and my sister and a couple of my friends are begging for it, but I'm keeping it, I'm thinking it will look great in the spare room with all the African items and colours.
 I won the give away from Loredana, and the postman came today, I have never visited Malta, so the postcards show her country, and a calender for 2013 with cats on, perfect.
 Some herbs, we have Rosemary in the garden, but noThyme, 
I will start them in two weeks after our holiday.
 Loredana does crochet, and I was hoping she would make me something, 
 This toilet roll cover is great, and white trimmed with blue, 
my bathroom has white fillings and painted blue walls and blue accessories, perfect. 
Thank you Loredana
Today has been good for me in many ways, 1st this morning I weighed myself and I have lost another pound, OK but not wonderful, but this morning I was 10stone 13 pounds, under 11 stone, which I have not been for over two years, since my health problems. 2nd, the lovely parcel from Loredana was waiting for me on my desk after work. 3rd I had a message from Hazel I have won her give away and she is sending to me "Tree of Life" by Klint, I loved it when I saw it on her blog.  So happy me sat here.

On Friday we are off on holidays, Saturday morning we will wake up in France, a weeks break, with Su and Gav our youngest daughter and her husband, we have been to France with them before, please keep your fingers crossed for good weather. Cos I know the food, wine and views will be perfect.


  1. Lovely stitching . Hope you enjoy your holiday .X

  2. I always have to laugh when I see someone in Europe talk about going to another country for vacation. Where I live, I could easily go to Canada, it is abut 20 minutes from where I live. But, besides that everything else is so far away.

    Enjoy France :0}

  3. Enjoy your hols. The blue block looks really nice.
    Congrats on winning Hazel's prize.



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