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Monday, 7 May 2012

Bank holiday rain

 Well after three days of rain, I have more stitching to show, but nothing done in my garden, and I am itching to get out and do some gardening.
 I have decided which green to use in the above design, I'm glad I waited until I had stitched all around the pattern, I think it blends in well, the icon on the pattern sheet was printed wrong and there are two dark green silks in this design. I have just started page 8 so only another 4 pages to go. I am still unsure how to finish this design, frame it or make into a cushion.
Su and I had a perfect spar day yesterday, we spent time in the pool, steam room, sauna and hot tub, the pool was deep and I am not confident in the water, but Su swam alot, and I did go into the pool. We both loved the steam room, and all in all the day was relaxing and our skin feels wonderful today. We had a nice lunch and a great afternoon cream tea, we chatted and giggled most of the time.

Today I wanted to spend in the garden, but the weather has stopped that thought, soon I am going to be behind with my planting, it's more like March than May. I have sorted our china cupboard, which I'm glad it's done, I have loads for the charity shop. I will stitch again this afternoon.

My sister is visiting next weekend, not sure what we will be doing,she does like the craft shops, but we don't have any really nice shops. I would like to take her to a nice coffee shop for afternoon tea.

I did manage an hour in the garden, it's a start


  1. My hubby is not impressed with the weather either June, he had big plans for gardening this weekend, everything will be so late this year although he did spend a morning inside his greenhouse today.
    Such a colourful project you are stitching.

  2. Hum . . what to do with this beaty of a sampler . . I would chose a simple frame . . you have sepnt way to much time to make t into a pillow and then have something get spilled on it, or get the stitches torn.

    It will be jawdropping when finished.

  3. Hello

    Your Patchwork Sampler is just lovely!
    I wanted to garden today too but it wasn't the weather.
    Hopefully better weather to come(:



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