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Friday 14 October 2011

What basket

 Here's Grace my cat, looking cute, 
I say my cat, because even tho Kev is home before me each day, she waits on the drive for me to come home and cries for her food, and often Kev has already fed her, she sit's on my lap all the time, Kev calls her but she ignores him, I think she has decided I am her person as cat's often do.Anyway for my title, Grace has a lovely basket with a extra cushion and a wool blanket, she has had it ages, but in the past few days she has taken to sleeping on our rug, in the middle of our walking path.

I have finished the outside border for my work, I don't think I shall have so much stitching time this weekend, I want to build the design for the centre of this panel, I have been looking at inspiring blogs, ladies there are some fabulous stitchers about, I am going to create the centre panel on my computer before I do any more stitching, I plan to us different stitches here.
We are out to friends tonight, and have a friend coming for a meal on Saturday night. Tomorrow morning it's the game, Rugby, Wales against France, Kev is a true Welshman, so everything will stop for the game, we are hoping for a Wales via New Zealand final.....
Weather forecast is good for the weekend, so I'm off to work, 8 hours and then let the fun begin, have a good day.


  1. Grace is gorgeous! One of my cats really loves my DH - she follows him everywhere and 'talks' to him. If we let her in the bedroom she'll lie on his pillow. Funny creatures!

    I'm hoping for a Wales and New Zealand final in the rugby too. Otherwise there's going to be a lot of unhappy Kiwis if the Aussies knock them out this weekend ;-)

    Your stitching is looking great!

  2. Grace is lovely - what a strange place to lie though! Good luck to Wales - fingers crossed. Your sewing as always looks lovely. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I think you can sefely say that she's YOUR cat!



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