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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Summer in the country side

 On Sunday we went for a ride on the bike and passed this.

A music festival, it was big and looked great in the natural dip, across the road the farmer was cutting his hay, don't you love the country side. We could not make the music out , the natural contours of the land kept the sound down in the dip.

Sampler update... I have added buttons and beads, as well as different stitches and a last minute find, don't you love the silk (floss)cards, Fliss brought me the magazine with the pattern in last week.  I am giving myself just 2 weeks to finish this, I would like it framed and on my wall for our anniversary.  I am drawing cows like mad over graph paper, I have sorted the last few patterns to finish this, they are in a pile by my chair, the rest of my life is on hold this week.


  1. The sampler gets better all the time :) Great photo of the festival

  2. How lovely to live so close to the countryside. Too bad you couldn't hear the music. I wonder what is was.

    Your cross stitch is coming along. It is turning out so pretty. You are very creative.

    Mary - Long Beach, CA

  3. Your sampler is beautiful, not long till it is finished.



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