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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Another finish

 This finish is different, I have completed  our anniversary cake, it's my Christmas fruit cake recipe, which I have used for years, when I get the recipe out of my cook book, it's typed on paper, can't bring myself to re print in an up to date way.

The pink flowers, I purchased for this cake along with the bling "25", but all the other decorations are from our wedding cake, we both thought it would be fun to use them again. Two weeks toady and we will be having our garden party.

 I have seen loads of these signs, if you want to look just go to Google images and type in "keep calm" I thought this one is a bit different.

I have spent the morning sorting, we were looking for new dinning room furniture this week and could not see anything we liked, so I have been sorting through our cabinets, packing loads away and just having few items on display, that then lead me into my office and I have packed things away in here.

Su and Gav celebrate their first wedding anniversary tomorrow, and next week it's Kev's birthday, so busy times, we also have Su's birthday and Fliss and Steve's 12th wedding anniversary in September, this month is going to be expensive.

My sampler is coming along well, only a few things to do and most of them are planned in my head, no room for changes now, just get them all done.

PPS this is my 100 post this year..............


  1. Beautiful cake . . and, since I only had a bagel for breakfast, it looks like it would e a delicious sweet to eat for breakfast . . YUM!

    Happy 25th to you and the hubby :0}

  2. Well done Marlene, your anniversary cake is so beautiful. You have decorated it well!



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