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Friday, 3 September 2010

Happy Birthday Kev

Yesterday was Kev's birthday,

Whilst he was at work, Joshua came to help Nanna make birthday cakes, we made same chocolate ones with shortbread. Mummy was having a hospital check up and went home early and Su and Gav are still away, so small ones were the best to make.

Josh also made Grancha a card, he was sure he did not want to buy one, he coloured his fave group The Wiggles,
Joshua managed to do all the cooking and still look clean, we also did a few things in the garden and picked some tomatoes and beetroot.
On the wall we have this picture of Fliss when she was four, we are on holiday and she is watering my feet, Josh loves this photo and sits on the stairs to look at it each time he visits, so yesterday I took it out of it's frame and took a photo of it, it has worked well and now Josh has a copy of it at home.
My cross stitch is slow at this time, I have done a bit more on my cushion, but I am undecided what to put as the last pattern. So in the week I thought I would have a go at my quicky, well I am on the third start for that one, I can't focus on the pattern and keep making mistakes, so for the mo that's filed under my WIP.

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