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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Decision is made

I have not been able to do much stitching, I have been so very tired, but yesterday my thoughts turned to my cushion. I could not decide what to stitch as my last pattern, so all afternoon I made sketches and looked at books. I went to my favorite book, below, for inspiration and found the design which fits, so the decision has been made.
I have made loads of designes from here, I do each in cross stitch, the patterns are still the same once stitched. My favorite one being here.I have half stitched a square covering the dirty patch where I unpicked the dark pattern.

It has small light and dark pink squares with the centre stitch done is white or bright red, these two colours are sparkly, they show in my photo. I am now pleased, I have 3 candi stripe squares to finish and then the final 10 squares in this new pattern. I was hoping to finish it by this weekend, but that won't be possible, Kev has a few days off and I am not stitching so much.
Su and Gav have come back from their mini moon, they spent a few days in north Wales, below is their postcard sent to us and a stick of rock they brought back, I love seaside rock. They are now planning their honeymoon for next spring, they want to go to south America, and the spring is the best time for them.

Today Kev is taking me shopping for a short while today, nothing special just a chance to get out. It has rained for a few days and is raining now, the fore caste is not good, so Kev's holiday is a bit of a wash out. We hope to visit Somerset on Thursday to see family and will pop into south Wales on Saturday.

Next week we empty the office and decorate it, so I shall be a few days off line, I can check your blogs via my phone so I will keep up with you all.

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  1. I really love your cushion! Would you like a tip to get rid of the "shadow" left by the unpicking.......use either sellotape but this doesn't always clear it completely or invest into an artist's putty rubber does the job excellenttly!
    Julie xxxxxx



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