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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Busy Days

I have had a busy week, I am pleased to say Friday was a near normal day, though I don't normally do normal, a bit too bland.
Yesterday I spent all morning cleaning the house, it was clean to start with, but we had a second viewing in the afternoon, the couple liked the house and have said they are going to up their first offer to a cost closer to our bottom figure. So now we are playing games with the most expensive item we own.

In the two pictures I have rugs I have sewn for my house, the top rug pattern was an oblong, but I wanted a square carpet, so I changed the pattern, In this case it worked it doesn't always. Below I saw this on a web site it was made 30 years prior by the lady's mother, we could not find a pattern and the lady kindly allowed me to copy her pattern. I loved this style so much I made two, and after I finished Fliss asked for one, so I stitched another.
My own cross stitch is almost finished, I should have it ready for Fliss this week, we have decided to make it into a double bed quilt for her war time house. I glad she likes it so much.
Below is my attempt of mini crochet, it's a bit loose but I'm pleased, I can only do granny squares, and unlike Fliss I have not taught myself any more, so I smile sweetly at Fliss if I require any other items.

I do like the American cross stitch below, I love work that is full of colour, this is in my file of things to make.
I have to thank Milly from http://stitchingobsessionii.blogspot.com/, through her site I have found the most wonderful Spanish Sampler, I have sorted the pattern ready to start, I am off to buy the silks today, I'm happy to keep the same colours. It's going to be a long job, and I will make other smaller projects along the way, but I just want to get going.

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