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Friday 21 June 2024

What am I doing

Over the years I have taken great delight in growing things from seed, my greatest achievement is this plant, grown from a pomegranate seed, I planted this in May 2017 with loads of other, only one seed grew. I have nurtured it for years, when smaller it was always popped back into the greenhouse for the cooler months. Once put into this pot, (2022), it stays in this sunny spot outside the garage. It's never flowered, but I keep on hoping.
I purchased this cranberry plant last year, so far all I can say is I have not killed it, it did get very water logged, so for now it lives just inside my greenhouse door. There is new growth on it, so I need to consult Mr Google again to see what I need to do next. 
This is my horseradish plant, I popped it into an old chicken pellet container, again I have checked and the roots are harvest in November, when they should look like a parsnip, leave a bit of the root in the ground to grow a new root. Hubby loves horseradish sauce, I will be able to freeze it and it should hold the heat, this is another crop just for him. 
This is my only citrus left, lime plant and for the first time I have had a flower and more buds, this was not grown from pips, these days limes are more often without pips. I've had it a few years, it's not that huge, I am feeding it with citrus feed once a month.
My bougainvillea lost all it's leaves last winter, it was in my greenhouse wrapped to protect it, it looked terrible and I was going to ditch it, but decided to cut it right back, I'm glad I gave it another chance.

I do love a challenge in life and have grown loads from seeds and pips, my kiwi I got to small tree size, but as the fruits are ready from December onwards, they never ripen so I passed it on, the stem and leaves are very pretty, my avocado got to a nice size but died in my cool greenhouse over winter, again nice leaves. I got lemon and orange from pips, but never to a good size, each are shown in my list on my sidebar if you want to know more or pop to this post

I'm sure I will find more unusual things to grow, having said that, I have loads of things I can't grow, sweet peas, which is one of my favourite blooms, I have purchased plants, grown from seeds, in the ground in containers, never thrives. Large daisies, grow for the summer and never returns, I have replanted into large pots to over winter, without success. Little lemon clematis and chocolate cosmos, both don't like my garden, these days it's all about understanding my limitations. 


  1. There's so many fun things to try when gardening, especially if you have a greenhouse where you're able to protect more tender plants. Have you tried soaking sweet pea seeds before sowing them, or nicking the seed. They've got a hard coating and these methods sometimes help.

  2. I think Mediterranean plants like Rosemary and Lavender hate waterlogged soil in winter and are better off in containers and kept inside in a greenhouse or polytunnel. I love organic poultry manure pellets. Weed free and full of nitrogen.

  3. You're very adventurous with growing things, but I guess if you don't try you'll never know what might grow!

  4. You never know unless you try! I grew a date palm from seed until it got too big to over-winter in our small house. Love all your experiments. The colour of that bougainvillea is gorgeous.

  5. I think it's true! If you don't try you'll never know what may (or may not) grow!

    I do like the colour of the bougainvillea.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. Things are growing very nicely for you. Here in Canada cranberries (at least one type) grow in bogs.

    God bless.

  7. It's fun to try new things. I might have to try a pomegranate next. I love my little lemon trees, which I started growing during lockdown. They haven't flowered yet, but I'm hoping that they might in the next year or two.
    Just to let you know that I have a new URL for my blog. https://alongthewaywithj.blogspot.com

  8. It is always fun to try and grow new things. It was a wise idea to not throw out the Bougainvillea and give it another chance. Sometimes however,despite our best efforts some plants will never be happy where we put them and it is best to try something else. Happy gardening, Marlene.



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