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Saturday 22 June 2024

In the ground.

The agapanthus is full of blooms, I have counted 10, it's next to my pond in front of the high raised bed which itself is full of colour. I have 3 other plants taken from this plant over the years, one has 6 buds, the other 2 are still leaves. 
My red rose finally bloomed, just one flower, which is better than last year, moving it has helped it grow, The red salvias in the pot are another favourite of mine, I grow these in pots to stop them being ate, they are a very thirsty plant, so need watering everyday. The foxglove is huge, it looks right growing next to the pole, it has 4 smaller flowers stalks forming, it's my first year of growing them.
The front of this square bed is full of blooms, again the colour which I crave, lots of new plant to me, hopefully most will comeback next year.
These are in the back section of the above square bed, I thought this astrantia had died, so it is blooming for the first time, I love the delicate flowers, I have another plant in my tub outside the greenhouse, I always keep the plant packets for reference, this should be pink, I'm happy with the colour.
The long side bed, which I have filled with colour this season, the pansies and violas were planted last September, I moved them to this bed last month, they have bloomed so well. I do love daisy style flowers of all colours, these won't get too high, which again I like. 

We have had hubby's sister and her husband to stay this week, they live in his home town in South Wales, we see them most years, we went for a visit to them earlier in the year, shown in this post here. This time they stayed with us, normally we all always stay close by, they are such a lovely couple, we had so much fun, they wanted us to show them local places, so we went to Fort Nelson, we have only ever been there with grandchildren, so it was much nicer visit. We had to walk to Portchester castle, it was an evening walk so we stopped for a drink on the way home. We spend a day in Portsmouth, walking from the Pier along the seafront at Southsea, into old Portsmouth, and then to the waterfront Gunwharf Quays shopping outlet, which is next to the bus station. It was a busy happy chatty few days, we were both sad to see them leave on Friday morning. When at home my SIL only wanted to sit outside in our garden, as you see above it is looking very colourful, the warm sunny days helped, we ate breakfast and most other meals outside. We did serve a meal with broccoli, carrots and new potatoes from the garden, that was fun. 

SIL loved her knitted jacket, and it fitted her, I was worried about the fit, as I knitted it without being able to check the finished sizes, I enjoyed making it.

Friday was a housework day and loads of laundry day, everything dried well, so a pile of ironing to day, we have a fridge full of foods, all with enough date for us to eat them in the next few days. Today I have already walked to the Co-op, which is away from the village centre, and I popped into a local gardener plant sale, which he has every year, I was very good just got 2 plants, the garden is full. I am going out soon to dead head and any other job I see, the garden has been ignored for over a week. 


  1. Sounds like you had the very best kind of company.
    Your garden is absolutely beautiful.

  2. You cannot buy that homegrown freshness.

  3. That sounds like a very pleasant time was enjoyed by all of you. It is good to have like-minded people to visit and share experiences. Your garden is looking lovely now. Much more advanced than ours up here!

  4. Your garden looks so colourful.

    Sounds that you had a good few days with your hubby's sister and her husband. Pleased she liked the knitted jacket.

    All the best Jan

  5. How lovely that you had family to visit with you.

    Your garden is always a delight to see. I love all the colour.

    God bless.

  6. How nice to spend time with people you really like.
    I love agapanthus but the ones in my large tub in the front garden need to be split. This year, there's only one bud! I think splitting them will also split the wooden tub, but we've had it a number of years and it's done good service.

    1. They do prefer to be crowded, but as always at some point they have to be split, then you have 2 or 3 lovely plants. Mine will need doing soon.

  7. Very ,very envious of that beautiful white Foxglove 😍

  8. Your garden looks beautiful. No wonder your SiL wanted to spend time out there. Also lovely to spend a few days together enjoying each others company. No flowers on my Agapanthus this year sadly.



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