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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Projects growing.

I am loving this ripple blanket and the shades of pink, I am using Drops Alpaca 4ply yarn, it's so soft. It won't be huge, but it will be soft and gentle for the baby.
 These colours are perfect for my sister, so these will be for her as a gift at Christmas, it's OK she does not read my blog. Her shoe size is one bigger than mine so I have added an extra stitch on each needle (4 in total) and I am making the foot longer. 
I have not started a new book Chelsea flower show is on the TV every evening, so I am enjoying everything flora and fauna and of course Monty Don.
My Bonsai Acer is good, I have lost just one leaf, I pop it outside on sunny days, I have notice there are a couple of tiny shoots, it would be wonderful if they grow. I am excited at growing small things, I have a few cherry pips in compost, the hope is if two grow, I will try and keep one tiny and start my own bonsai tree.
I did not go to sign class, we have had a busy week finishing the garden, I sorted all my plastic pots (the ones your plants are sold in), I have loads I kept over the years, we took them to a garden center which has a recycling area, I also looked at their Bonsai items on sale, I can get compost, dishes and loads of other things, it's an expensive place to shop, so I will look else where, but it's good to know I can get things local.
Wednesday I went into town to meet an old work friend, we had lunch together with loads of chatter. It's good to catch up, swap photo's of loved grandchildren. Later back at home, I helped hubby finish the garden, he has replaced all the decorative wood at the edge of the lawn, around my gardens, not an easy task. We removed all the gravel from around the base of our Magnolia tree, we will put more blue slate down, it is the last thing we need to purchase. The garden has been expensive this spring, but all the landscaping is finished, I will soon be planted my side flower bed and then all we need to do is deadhead flowers and enjoy our space outside.
Last Saturday I showed my Christmas socks finished, and was disappointed I did not have enough yarn to make a pair for daughter, if I purchased another 100grm ball, I could make her a pair but still have loads left. Julie another blogger, got in contact, she thought she had some of the yarn, she contacted me a 2nd time to confirm and ask for my address, she has enough with my leftovers to knit daughters socks, Julie and I have followed each others blogs for years, she made a really kind offer to send the yarn to me. I can't thank Julie enough,


  1. What a busy week you've had. The ripple blanket is lovely, I made a pink and green one for Eleanor a few years ago and I think it's my favourite of all the blankets I've made. I've been on the receiving end of Julie's kindness a few times in the past, this community is so generous.

  2. The ripple blanket is absolutely gorgeous Marlene. And your sister will love the socks.

  3. All your projects are lovely and colourful, the baby blanket looks as though it has a lovely halo to it, it will be nice and soft. That was kind of Julie to send you some yarn, I've followed Julie's blog for year too, she is a very kind person.

  4. What a busy week and such lovely projects. I'm working away slowly on my latest project and it's not a blanket this time. Our garden and veggies are really coming up now. Good luck with the bonsai. Best, Jane :)

  5. A busy week …
    Love the pink ripple blanket.

    All the best Jan

  6. The wool was posted off to you Marlene. xx

  7. Lots of lovely crafting happening with you. Glad a fellow blogger can help with the yarn, very kind. Cathy x



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