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Sunday 26 November 2017

Christmas cards

Still loads of colour
I spent time in the garden, firstly I had loads of leaves to collect, hubby helped and we cut back a couple of bigger plants, our garden is just too small to let anything get too huge. We are having issues with cats digging in pots around the place, so I have been using wooded sticks for the BBQ and sticking them into the pots, this stops all the issues. Both our cats have an area which they use, we are keeping an eye to ensure there are no issues there. 
We have another problem from our lovely mad cat woman next door, mice are coming through at the bottom of our garden, Purdy sits for ages just watching, so far any mice she brings inside are dead, she does love to give us treats. On the plus side in this photo we still have fuchsia's in full flower and a couple of buds to come, they love the raise chimney for a bed. 
Shopping on Friday we went to Dunelm, the fat quarters above were just £7, so this pack came home with me, I have added the cost to my stash list. We also popped into Home Bargains, just to stock up, ensuring we don't need to pop there again before Christmas. Again I passed on all the Christmas decorations.
We have had our first Christmas card, for me it's always a sad moment, for most of my married life, my older brother's wife Carol always sent her card early enough to be the first to arrive, sadly she passed away back in 2011. First Christmas card will always have me remembering her, we have just received our second card, it must be almost December. I have to work out the design for our Christmas cards, they should only take an afternoon to make, we do not send as many these days. I have purchased the family ones, we have a super card shop local, not Card Factory, who's cards I feel are cheap, I do like to send nice cards as often it can be the only contact each year. 
Saturday we drove Will, mummy and daddy to Gatwick airport, they are visiting Grandma and Grandpa in their winter/ summer home, so a quiet week here. 


  1. No cards here yet, though I don't usually get any until we're in to December, and I'm usually at the last minute getting mine sent off.

  2. No cards yet but I visited a friend Friday who has her lights and tree up. Apparently it's been up two weeks...it's November!!!

  3. No card here yet either. Although, I have bought some.

  4. No cards here yet either. I have got mine out ready to write (bought them in the sale last year) ;-)

    The squirrels have been digging in my pots, little blighters dug my tulip bulbs out of one!

  5. Your garden looks so lovely in its autumn colors. Your memories of your first Christmas card are touching. It is always nice to send and receive cards from those you love during this special time of year. I remember the lovely handmade card you sent me one year for the Christmas card swap. I do hope you have a lovely week. Pat xx

  6. I haven't received cards in the mail for years 😀 sounds like a great shopping trip.



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