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Monday 13 November 2017

Cheste, Spain

Views from our flat
The countryside, full of oranges
I love to see these views from the summer house
Huge street Paella 
Street food
Some of the bikes, there were hundreds. 
A visit to the co-op fruit plant.
Sizing the oranges
Down to packing
We have been visiting Cheste for 25 years, it's a small town near to Valencia, which sits on the med coast down from Barcelona.
Life here is very rural Spain, which has changed over the years from growing grapes to oranges, the main crops for the area are Oranges, Grapes, Olives and Almonds.  We love staying with our Spanish friends and living their Spanish lifestyle.
The weather was great, warm and sunny every day, I loved being in my sandals again, sadly they are now packed away until next year.
We were lucky enough to be offered a visit to the local orange sorting and packing plant, simple operation to ensure the oranges are all to the standard required.
The town is a quiet place except in November, when the local GP motor track has it's main race, the whole town is transformed into a biker paradise, through Friday, Saturday and Sunday the population doubles in size. The street markets are huge, we loved all the street food. It 's the first time we have visited when the event is running, and in true Spanish style, it was busy noisy and loads of fun. Most of the town stayed awake until 5-6 each morning, so sleep was not easy, as our flat is in the center of all the fun. We often find they have a very relaxed way of doing things, there were bikes everywhere and loads of showing off, alot of which would not be allowed in UK. Hubby was in bike heaven.
We had a lovely meal out on my birthday, the whole family, we elected for Chinese which we enjoyed, plus I had a great birthday cake.
We are now back home and it is cold, we woke up to a frost this morning, so my tender flowers in the garden will not last much longer. I hope to get outside later this week, but other than picking up leaves there is not much to do.


  1. How lovely to find a nice place where you go back to time and time again.

  2. It sounds like you've had a lovely time, just the thing to enjoy some warm weather before winter sets in.

  3. That place looks so pretty especially from cold rainy Seattle!

  4. Lovely blue skies, the food looks delicious.
    Welcome home!



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