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Thursday 13 July 2017

Summer garden

From the gates into our garden
 Down along the path, the lilies have finished 
 Right to the back fence
 Along the decking
 Raised chimney pots in corners
 Low corners
Loads of places in the garden are looking good, the heavy rain on Tuesday has really helped, I still have a couple of spots not so good, but I see them as challenges for next summer. I can have some fun digging out small beds and changing their look. My cut flower bed, has gone huge, but I have issues with getting to the bed, we placed a tomato plant in a pot, on wheels in front of the raised bed. The issue is the plant is so full of fruits I really don't want to move it and knock tomatoes off. The challenge next year to to place the tomatoes in a different sunny spot.
Our berries are still giving, blueberries have the biggest harvest, followed by raspberries. My blackberries have loads of fruits on the plant this summer, I will have to add a net soon, it's down in the bird feeding area, so I expect they are watching as well for the fruit to swell and ripen.
Our lettuce is not doing well so I have planted more. Beetroot is swelling so we should start harvesting small ones soon. There is little difference in the size of the tomato plants, I have one in the greenhouse and one outside, I will grow both outside next year. The cucumbers are in my raised bed inside the greenhouse.
This poinsettia I purchased for 99p last Christmas, it was tiny, filled in a nice little corner in a display. I re-potted it and popped it into my greenhouse just to see what it would do, now I know it likes the sunshine and the warmth, I hope to get it big for this Christmas and have those bracts turn a beautiful red.
My seed/plants inside are growing, at the weekend I will have to re-pot as they are a good size and I can just start to see roots at the bottom of the pots.
One last photo, I love these alliums, I thinned the roots earlier in the year, and now have 10 heads, making this corner look great.
I have finished reading The goodbye gift by Amanda Brooke, and would like to read another book of her's. We popped to our local library and I have four more books to read. We are also watching the tennis, which we both enjoy, neither of us watch much TV, we are always busy doing other things.
This morning we went for a long early walk around our estate, I do love walking early in the morning, it's cool enough to enjoy the walk. Later I hope we can walk along the shore.


  1. Garden is looking good Marlene, lots of lovely plants.

  2. Love all your various pot displays they look really good.

  3. Everything looks so lovely, with the sun shining on it too. The rain was certainly appreciated the other day xx

  4. Your pots look great, lots of lively colour.

  5. You're garden's looking lovely, you've certainly made the most of every available space so there's so much interest everywhere you look, you've done such a good job. I've got a greenhouse but I grow my tomatoes outdoors, they seem to do better for some unknown reason.

  6. Your garden is looking so pretty!

  7. Your gardens looking delightful.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Alliums.



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