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Monday 17 July 2017

Small starts

The seeds/plants on my desk are all doing well.
The Kiwi and Pomegranate both will be potted up
I have a plumb stone to try next 
My tiny spider plant I got last year has loads of babies
I will pot up some of these 
 The Bones of You was a fantastic read, I honestly could not put the book down
Missing Presumed was good. 
 Our Magnolia tree is in it's second full bloom of the year
 The whole back garden is pleasing to look at. 
I have done so very little since my last post, Saturday I did clean the house, but as we are outside or reading the place does not get very messy. I think the heat is slowing me down, I would rather sit and read, it's cooler.
We did enjoy the tennis, the Ladies final was a good match, I really felt for Cilic, who never really settled into the Gentleman's final, I was hoping for a really long and interesting game.
Other than tennis I have not watched much TV, I was pleased to see Jodie Whittaker as the new doctor, in Doctor Who she is a fantastic actress, I will start watching it again, I never found Peter Capaldi a likable doctor. I have loved Doctor Who all my life.
I have not done any cross stitch for ages, I am hoping in August I find being home will give me more craft time.
We did pop to M&S, for some undies on Sunday, we both decided we had arequirement, plus Next had a huge sale, so I got a couple of nice tops for my holiday in September.
My steps last week were lower, 84,522 for the week, averaging 12074 each day.


  1. It's been hot here today too and I have no energy in the heat. It is much nicer to sit and read :) Your garden looks lovely BTW...

  2. Very hot today, yur garden does look lovely. Always on the look out for a good book and they sound my cup of tea xx

  3. Your back garden is looking so pretty! Heat slows me down a lot but we are having a lovely cool summer here in the Pacific NW.

  4. Your backyard always looks so cool and comfortable.

    And a new Doctor Who? How wonderful to get a female Doctor since we know there are female Time Lords. Started watching in the Tom Baker era and have LOVED it ever since. ANd, I think, I have finally converted Gene to it :)

  5. The recent heat seems to be zapping everyones strength and making them feel tired, a good book in the garden sounds perfect. Happy reading!

  6. I don't know how I feel about Jodie Whittaker as the new Dr., I'll reserve judgement until I see her. I stopped watching it after David Tennant, I didn't like Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi.

  7. Your garden looks lovely. I miss our the magnolia tree that we planted in our previous garden. Sarah x



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