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Saturday 20 May 2017

Weekend so far in pictures

Hubby is away until Wednesday
on a biking trip with both his sons
touring his beloved Wales
 Lots of Will and Nanna time
mummy and daddy away Friday and Saturday nights
 Hubby feeling guilty, these came through the post today
he had ordered them before he left
 Popped to the library, got these two
and preordered loads of other titles
These rain clouds are keeping us inside
we would love a walk around the park this afternoon, if they clear
It's a stay at home weekend, Will and I are here in the day, and then I go for a sleep over at Will's house. Little man is down for a nap, so giving nanna time for an early lunch and a quick catch up. But as I was up at 5.30 this morning, it does feel like lunch time, it's great to have so much time with our youngest grand son, we have 5, all boys the oldest being 11 years old.
The weather is dry, but we have loads of huge black clouds, so far they have drifted by without any rain, but I am not risking talking Will out, neither of us want to get wet. There is nothing required to do in the garden, I managed to get the last couple of jobs done on Thursday afternoon.


  1. It all sounds very relaxing. Enjoy your weekend. X

  2. How lovely having a relaxing weekend at home with your youngest grandson, lots of special time together.

  3. Hope you don't get woken any earlier, have a fun time

  4. I had a day on my own last Sunday. My husband up and out by 4.30 am and back at 8 pm. I had a quiet wonderful day.

    Julie xxxxx

  5. Sounds like a lovely day. Little boys are rather special though, so loving xxx

  6. Sounds like the perfect week-end to me, a grandson and books. Two things that can't be beaten!



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