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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Weekend fun

These came home with me after a visit to our local garden center
both are beautiful.
 Another quick pop into Wilko's this morning
This little lot cost me just £5.75, the hand weeding tool being the best value
 These were a gift from my sister, for our 30th wedding anniversary
stunningly beautiful, plus reduced from £36.99 to £18.49 each
 I was looking for something for my raspberries to grow up
my obelisk were cheap and rusty. 
These will look stunning in the fruit bed. 
 Do you know what this is, and how I would use it in the garden ?
My sister Leanna, also came with gifts,  this little unit has been in her garage for ages, not used or required any more, so I have it for my greenhouse, the back section has a table leaf, which can be raised when I need more space in the spring. Extra drawers always a bonus, plus a stool to sit on. I can keep a couple pots on the bottom ledge so it will not take away any floor space for growing things. On wheels so I can move it about, the other stool will be in my shed. 
It's been a wonderful weekend, Leanna and Alan, promised a visit, they arrived early Saturday with my brother Martin. After a true home cooked English breakfast, my sister and I went out for girly time together, first we went fabric shopping, more on that next time, then our 1st garden center, which locally is my favorite center. After coffee and cake we went to our last stop, another garden center, normally not my favorite, it's full of non garden things, but as we got most of the items above as they had a huge sale on. Leanna got a smashing bird feeder pole with loads of hooks and hanging things, it will look lovely in her new redesigned garden.
Later we all went out for a meal, youngest daughter Su and hubby David joined us, we had loads of laughter and good food.
This morning we had a typical Sunday lunch roast pork, now they are all back in Somerset, so just hubby and I enjoying the lovely sunshine. Such a perfect weekend, we will need an early night tonight.
We have got our Euro's for our holiday next week, so I am counting down the days.


  1. I think the little clay pot thing is either for watering seedlings or for putting in a pot to water over a period of time. I have one in the shed that I haven't used yet, I think it was a present.

    I think you sit it in a bucket/bowl of water and let it absorb and fill with water and then use to sprinkle a fine spray of water over the seedlings or you could potentially sit it in a pot and let the water gradually seep out to keep a plant watered while you go away. Hope this is correct and helpful.

  2. I love when I find a bargain and they look so nice too, a bit different. Sounds like excellent time spent with family, lovely weekend xx

  3. It sounds like a wonderful week-end! There is something very special about spending time with a sister.

  4. Glad you had a good weekend, and it looks like you picked up some bargains too. I haven't even started buying my spring bulbs yet.

  5. We had that same rolling table with stools in our kitchen for several years before I found the table I wanted. It was so perfect for i front of our kitchen window.

    Your flower packet finds are perfect . . . and what is tat terra cotta looking bowl thing-y? The one with it sitting up looks like a gourd, but the first picture doesn't show the top knot so I don't know :(



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