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Sunday 25 September 2016

Back home

We arrived home last night,
 our SIL had to drive through heavy rain on our way home from Gatwick
This post is the crafty side of our holiday
I got these so very cheaply, these are mine
I also got some for my sister.
 Yarn bombing
 Taken to a new level, granny squares at their best
 We also went to La Orotava
where lace is hand made
 I love to see this work
 So fine, this was a table cloth
 Old photo of ladies working together
 My other love plants
This came home with me
 It's looking good after the journey,
now to nurture it and let it grow. 
It's on my sunny windowsill
We had a great week on Tenerife, spent most of our time resting and reading, I got through 4 books by Erica James, The Real Katie Lavender, The Hidden Cottage, Summer at the Lake and Paradise House.
We did loads of walking all down hill, with taxi's back to our hotel. Puerto de la Cruz is the oldest resort on the island and lovely to visit. The coast line is rugged, often tumbling down to the sea, where the waves crashing against rocks sound and look amazing. Our hotel on the edge of town, high on the hill side gave us wonderful views of the mountain, volcano and the shore line. We ate out most days, enjoying the Continental way of people watching.
I got packet of seeds, to give me new challenges, I have had a tour of my garden, all is looking well, the rain last night has helped everything along. I picked a small bowl of tomatoes, and have loads of peppers and chillies almost ready for harvest. The contents of my green house are all looking great, a nice watering this morning set every thing going again.
Both Purdy and Grace are pleased to see us back home, our youngest daughter has been looking after them both.
Whilst away we got the happy news we have another grand son on the way, due is February 2017, daughter had her 20 week scan, which gave them the sex of their baby and confirmation all is well. With the cost associated with having a baby these days, it's sensible to know in advanced which sex it's going to be.   


  1. Great holiday pics. Did you have to smuggle the plant back? Congrats on new Grandson! X

  2. Glad you had a good holiday and nice to see all the crafty bits. Congratulations on the good news. I think most people get to know the sex of their baby before the big day these days but I didn't want to know with either of mine, I enjoyed the surprise.

  3. Glad you had a great time away! Congratulations to your family on the new baby on the way! xx

  4. I love yarn bombing, at the shop I use to have our knitting group did some yarn bombing in the market square it as great fun, love the drawn lace work :-)

  5. Great photos! That looks like a wonderful place to go on vacation. I love seeing other parts of the world. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh how I hate driving through rain! Looks like you had a nice trip though. And I totally understand bringing plants home. I've even been known to sneak a few seed heads from plants too! Plants as souvenirs are nice reminders of good times. You can't have too much fabric, right? Can't wait to see the bunting. And the Christmas presents. I need ideas! (I've been catching up on your other posts)

    Cindy Bee

  7. What stunning lacework, I would have enjoyed seeing that being made.
    Yarnbombing seems to be everywhere these days - good fun.
    Sounds like your trip was perfect.



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