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Tuesday 21 June 2016

Glass walls

Flipping cucumber again, almost a decent size
I won't let it get too big, I have loads on this plant
I will have a glut soon.
 First tomatoes forming, this inside 
The outside plants are further behind but do have flowers
just noticed I have a shoot to pick off
 4 pepper plants, I moved them to get the sunlight
I have flowers forming and one pepper
 Salad bed looking good
will need to sow some more
All my family and friends are fed up with my cucumbers, it's the plant which is growing the best, I can't wait for harvest. I did pick a hand fill of raspberries, not enough to make anything, but they tasted good. Yesterday afternoon we had sunshine, which was a much needed break from the rain.

I am not in work today, going to pick hubby up from hospital after a small operation, he was not going to spend the night, but at the last moment they kept him in. So I will be home looking after him with time to potter, read and rest. plus a lovely blue sky to start the day.


  1. Just catching up with your garden and other news - hope you find a home for the cucumbers! Hope that your husband is alright after his operation and will be OK and back to good health very soon. Well done on the walk you did, a great achievement that is very worthwhile indeed!

  2. Your cucumbers are a lot further forward than ours. Our raspberries are mostly autumn fruiting ones, think we only have 1 or perhaps 2 early fruiters.

  3. my cucumbers are just starting to climb, but the tomatoes are well ahead and there is lot of fruit coming on, noting beas the first of the season :-)

  4. I've got some tomatoes on my plants, yet they're still not in their final positions as they're still on the small side. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery, nothing nicer than recuperating in the sunshine.

  5. We are just starting to pick our strawberries, our mange tout is half way through and eaten. To come are loads of bunches of grapes, enough cucumbers to feed the street and the tomatoes are forming but have not turned red yet.

  6. hope the operation fixes whatever needed fixed.

    your greenhouse must be fun.

  7. Cucumber pickle then, I hope your hubby has a speedy recovery. x

  8. I wish I was close enough to get one of your cucumbers!! I love them on my salads. I hope your DH is doing well!

  9. They look good but yes they can be rather prolific. Thankfully we have enough lovers of cucumber in our family to palm them off on x

  10. Pimms needs cucumber in it doesn't it? You are going to have to bathe in the stuff! I have never ever grown a cucumber! I get your peppers taste divine!



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