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Saturday, 15 August 2015

New start, new project

My new start, does not look much
but this is two evenings work
It's not about following the design, which is very simple
there is no hiding here, so every stitch has to be perfect
The design and book it is taken from is shown in my post below
I am stitching on 28 ct Toile a broder, evenweave from DMC, I have just ordered loads of silks for this project, I choose the colours from my stash to match the design as close as I could. I am making another cushion cover, so alot of work to go into this project. BUT, this will be an evolving project, at this point I would like a huge diamond in the middle with this design around the edge making the square, but as always this could change, I just want the finished item to look like fabric.

We are all glad at work last week is over, we are up to full staff again on Monday, but I am off Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, we are going to my niece's wedding on Thursday, the death of her dad, my brother last December gave them a good cash sum, so after years of living together, they are getting married, with their two children along side them. It will have a tinge of sadness, but I'm sure it will be a great day. So we are in Stafford for a couple of nights, and then back to Martin's house (another brother) in Somerset for the weekend. Plus we will get to see Logan and Finn, mummy and daddy, so we are both looking forward to the days ahead.
This weekend we have few plans, morning at home I can smell fresh bread baking, we will have to pop to the huge Tesco for a big shop, but only for items on our list. Into Town for the final bit of the wedding present, then an evening at home together.
Tomorrow Josh and Sam are back home!!!!

PS for those who like the huge Regina Blizt paper towels, Co-op are selling them a pack of 2 for £2.00, nice bargain.


  1. Your new start looks great and I think it's plenty for two evening's work, it would take me weeks to get to that stage. Enjoy the wedding, it sounds like it will be a lovely day with all the family together.

  2. Loving the new project - you are so neat! The wedding will be just lovely I'm sure xx

  3. You've made great progress on your new start, a lovely mix of colours. Lots for you to look forward to over the next week. I hope the sun shines on the happy couple.

  4. Love the colours you are using. Enjoy the wedding!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. That new start makes me think of a quilt. Very pretty. Try and enjoy the wedding although it will be bittersweet.

  6. Your new design is so pretty! It reminds me of a quilt. Enjoy the week-end and seeing the boys again!

  7. I'm not the fastest stitcher, so the work you've done in two evenings looks very good to me. The colours are a lovely combination. I hope the wedding goes well and you enjoy some time away.
    Cathy x

  8. Lovely new project.
    Have a wonderful family time at the wedding, hope the sun shines brightly on the happy couple.

  9. Your new project looks fun, I hope you all have a lovely time x



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