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Saturday 28 March 2015


Inside blooms, 
colour for Fliss, Mothering Sunday plant still in full bloom from the boys
Mini orchid, 2nd time for  loads of flowers and buds.
 More flowers, stitched type, 
I love this shade DMC 3042 and use it often.
 We drink alot of filter coffee, I don't like instant, I save the filters and used coffee. The coffee is dug in around my garden, and once the filters are dried I keep them in my shed, which then always smells of lovely coffee. When I need to pot a plant, I use half the filter in the bottom of a small pot, saves loads of mess.  
Yesterday was a day of hanging around, my brother said see you in the morning and did not arrive until well after lunch, which I don't mind, but had I known before hand I could have done a few bigger task in the garden. Hubby finished his game of golf about 3 and arrived home, so we had the rest of the day together, I love to see hubby and brother together, so close. We watched a film and loads of chatter.
Today we have loads of running about, a busy day.


  1. coffee grounds are good for acid loving plants, Rhoddys and Camelias do well with them sprinkled around the base, I like the sounds of a shed filled with the smell of coffee :-)

  2. I used to spread coffee grounds around my blueberry bushes as they like an acidic soil, but hubby uses pods now so we don't get the grounds any more. My Mother's Day flowers are still going strong too, nearly two weeks after the day.

  3. Thanks for the coffee tip. It sounds like you are having a nice family visit.



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