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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

All square

The front is finished, I did add the lace to the center block, 
it makes the design look a bit vintage
 and the reverse
I have ironed it to it's size. Later I will make the back, the stripes are going to be placed the same, but the 5 squares will be plain linen. I need a trim for the outside, but as of this moment, I can not decide what to use. 
 My simple stash arrived, I purchased it from K@tZ XStitch, this is my second order from them, they are quick and keep me informed at every stage of the process.
I am stitching a SAL, from Maryse as you can see I am stitching the white 2015 design. I love the simplicity of this design, a simple stitch for me. I do enjoy SAL's I have two for 2015
 It was a heavy frost this morning, it's sunny now
 We had photography club last night, it's changed to a Tuesday, with less people, and now the club is a nice bunch. We have an hour in the studio, learning on how setting on our camera's work and then outside to take photo's to show we understand. I had an extra 30 minutes before the start of the session, in which Richard talked me through some of the finer points. I understand about the light but just having troubles putting into practice.
One shot from last night, taken at ground level, 
the rings are a decoration grid around a tree, 
I love arty work like this. 
Next week we are on a Motorway bridge for the whole session. 

  This morning I nicked hubby's macro lens ( we both have Sony's so we can each use all our lens) and took some shots of the Cyclamen, I'm rather pleased with them. The flower bud looks like a birds beak.
I have started packing to visit family, home in Somerset tomorrow, part of me is looking forward to the visit, but I intend to spend time with my sister, we get on better when we have 100 miles between us, we are very different women, we have the same craft taste, but go about things in a very different way. I am staying with my brother Martin, and also going to see grandson's Logan and Finn. It will be great to have time for myself, hubby is staying home and only coming down on Sunday evening, whilst I drive home on Monday, he will be tutoring a course in Bristol. 
I have not stitched skater at all, I hope to be able to do some this evening, but for now the sewing machine is calling me. 


  1. It sounds like you're really enjoying your photography course and your photos are great. Have a lovely time in Somerset.

  2. Your photography is great, I love the rings around the tree very arty :-)

  3. Have a lovely break with your family, hope you get good weather, do fun stuff and take lots of photos x

  4. Your pictures are coming along just great.

    Will be patiently waiting to see your SAL progress.

  5. You are learning such a lot in the photography course, I love to see what you capture with your lens.



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