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Friday, 27 June 2014

Busy,busy, busy

12 photos from France
 Loads of beaches
 Nice place for a picnic
 The Chateau 
 What a welcome
 A tidy place
 By the lakes
 The courtyard
 More beaches
 Messing about in boats
 and of course poppies
In just a few days this has become a memory, my camera lens was dirty so a few photo's have spots on them. I have chosen arty shots this year, I was trying some thing different. I will do one more blog regarding the day in the forest and add a video clip of me on the zip wire.
We have visited Josh and Sammy and they love their presents from France, in particular the chocolate biscuits.
Normal life has set in, tomorrow we are away for a family birthday in Somerset, we are both tired, but will make the journey.
Work has thrown up a wobbly, HQ has decided not to renew my contact so mid July, I am again looking for work. My local boss is livid, but nothing can be done, it's a real shame to loose a position where it is a joy to go to work each day. Another lady is reapplying for her job, instead of 6 people there will only be two, and the lucky people will have to work in three different offices. Next month two of the guys roles will become one and one of them will be unemployed. So by the end of August 9 people will become 6.
The garden is looking great, I have done no stitching, just too tired, maybe next week.

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