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Saturday 17 August 2013

I'm watching

Not sure what Grace is thinking, but her eye's say it all. We have purchased a CCTV camera for our house, it's in our sitting room, and I can view it from my mobile phone, yesterday was a dull wet day and neither of them moved far from the rug whilst we were at work. 
Grace is back to curling up on my lap most nights.
 Another free flower, this is just perfection, I love white orchids, the flowers last for weeks and looks beautiful in the corner of the sitting room.
 The garden is good, some of the flowers are past their best and soon I will be thinking of Pansies and winter flowers, how quick the summer is passing.  
Below my Coleus is looking good on the patio table. 
Last weekend we were in Devon, with Kev's family, his brother Peter had his 65th birthday party. So most of this week I have done nothing, only managed an hours stitching, so nothing to show you.
This morning we have been shopping, the autumn fashion is in the shops and I wanted skirts for work.
Soon we are going to do a small job in the garden, sorting some paving stones, added rough sand and relaying them flat.
Tomorrow, Su and David will be here, we hope to see Josh and Sammy, they have just returned from a visit to Grandmas house in Manchester.
Next weekend is a Bank Holiday and we are having a family BBQ on the Sunday, three of our grand sons all together.
I was pleased to read Paula, liked my stitching I sent to her. Is it just me, but I am still using Google reader, through my blog pages, can still view every bodies blogs, fingers crossed it stays that way.

So just normal things happening here, hope your weekend is good.


  1. HUM? . . Google Reader . . never used it. I just check the list of the blogs I follow, click on them and read them . . maybe it is Google reader, no is\dea . . . LOLOL

  2. Great pic of your kitty, looks like she is saying don't show this on your blog...or else lol



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